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Cain Velasquez height
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Cain Velasquez

Body measurements


185 cm (6 ft 1 in)


109 kg (240 lb)


Date of birth

July 28, 1982



Zodiac sign





MMA fighter

Sexual Orientation


Eyes color


Hair color


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Cain Velasquez is 185 cm (6 ft 1 in) tall
The difference in height is 185 cm or 6 ft 1 inches

Who is Cain Velasquez?

An outstanding American MMA fighter Cain Velasquez earned his $ 12 million on the Ultimate Fighting Championship and MMA.
Early Accomplishments
His way to the glory was very thorny. At the beginning, he had to work hard and even did not have enough time for sleeping. Cain was interested in sport in college. For the years of fighting in Octagon, the man amassed an impressive 13-1 record.
Best Known For
There were many successful fights in his career but the most memorable for him was the heavyweight championship over Brock Lesnar in 2010. The sportsman admitted, “Winning the title over the top dog is pretty indescribable.”
He won UFC Heavyweight Championship two times and are known for his power and tactic. “I study my opponent and think...of my game plan.” – Velasquez pointed.
Religion Beliefs
The man did not share any information about his religion.
Sexual Orientation
The sportsman is straight. He tied the knot with Michelle Velasquez in 2011 and the couple welcomed a daughter Carla.
Worth To Known
He had a terrible knee injury in 2014 “I’ve been practicing and training hard just like I was before the injury. – The man shared with “Latin Post”. – “Being able to practice hard now gives me that extra edge mentally.”
His family wanted Cain to become a teacher.
In the UFC's official fighting rankings, he is #2 in heavyweight. Fabricio Werdum stayed #1.
The man tried himself as an actor in “Term Line” (2016) getting the role of Marco. He was also cast as Master Kane in “The Green Ghost” (2017).
Cain has a tattoo “Brown Pride” that means by his own words “Mexican Pride”. The man explained the reason to put it on his chest. First is to show the respect to his Mexican parents who tried hard to provide better future for their son. The second is “to let people know ‘Hey, I’m Mexican. I’m proud to be Mexican.’”