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Charlie Chaplin height
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Charlie Chaplin

Body measurements


162.6 cm (5 ft 4 in)


75 kg (165 lb)


Date of birth

April 16, 1889

Date of death

December 25, 1977 (88 years)

Zodiac sign





Actor, comedian

Sexual Orientation




Eyes color


Hair color


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Charlie Chaplin is 162.6 cm (5 ft 4 in) tall
The difference in height is 162.6 cm or 5 ft 4 inches

Who is Charlie Chaplin?

Charlie Chaplin was the greatest comedian star of the silent-movie of the 20th century. 

Early Accomplishments

At the age of 5, Chaplin got onto the stage for the first time. That’s funny, but that time as a singer. He was forced to replace his mom (she was a vaudevillian and a singer) who had suddenly lost her voice on the stage. 

Before turning into an icon of the silent cinematography, Charlie had worked with dance troupe of kids. He used his mom’s contract to scrape for living for him and his bother. 

Doing various odd jobs, Charlie had never given up his dream to become an actor. 

Best Known For

Perhaps there’s nobody in the world who hasn’t heard his name or saw his photo. His funny character with highly-expressive pantomime and awkward movements, narrow mustache and a bowler hat is the first association with the word “silent movie”. The name of the character was "The Tramp". 

Sexual Orientation

Judging by the number of his marriages and relationships, Charlie was definitely straight. He had been married 4 times: two of his first marriages were with 16-year-old actresses of his films (he had 2 children from the second wife), the thirds one to a chorus singer, and only the fourth his marriage was a happy one – with Oona O'Neill they had 8 kids. 

Religious Belief

Though Charlie Chaplin was baptized in the Anglican Church, The Hollowverse informs that he was not really religious. In his autobiography he even shared the emotions experienced while praying in church saying he could hardly stand it till the end. Charlie described himself as an agnostic, as he believed in a kind of superior power that rules the world and keeps the order. 

Worth To Know

Shortly after the funeral, Charlie’s body was stolen from the grave. The criminals demanded $400,000, but they were caught.

Charlie's bowler hat and cane from The Little Tramp has been sold for $62,500 at an auction.
He died in his home in Switzerland where he lived since 1952 after he was exiled by the United States because he was considered to be a communist.
Actress Oona Chaplin is his granddaughter.



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