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Misty Copeland height
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Misty Copeland

Body measurements


157 cm (5 ft 2 in)


50 kg (110 lb)

Bra size


Chest size

91 cm (35 in)

Waist size

64 cm (25 in)

Hips size

91 cm (35 in)

Dress size



Date of birth

September 10, 1982



Zodiac sign





Ballet dancer

Sexual Orientation


Eyes color


Hair color


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Misty Copeland is 157 cm (5 ft 2 in) tall
The difference in height is 157 cm or 5 ft 2 inches

Who is Misty Copeland?

Misty Copeland is an American ballet dancer.  

Early Accomplishments

When Misty was 13, she began learning ballet in California and performed in the Nutcracker at a school event.  

Best Known For

Misty is mostly recognised in the American Ballet Theatre as a remarkable soloist.  

Sexual Orientation

Misty is straight. In 2016, she got married to Olu Evans, an attorney whom she met in 2004.  

Religious Belief

Concerning Misty's religious beliefs no concrete information could be found.  

Worth to Know

Misty co-authored her memoir with Charisse Jones titled Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina. It was published in 2014. 

She is endorsed by Under Armor. 

Throughout American history, Misty is the third African-American attaining the rank of a soloist in the American Ballet Theatre. (Source:, 13/03/2014)

In 2012, she got a ground-breaking role as a ballerina headlining in Firebird

Between the ages of 19 and 21, Misty developed an eating disorder after her body underwent tremendous changes that almost ruined her career as a dancer. During this period her bone got fractured while dancing and she had to take a break for about a year. 

At the age of 21, she was 5'2'' tall and weighed 108 pounds (48 kg) which meant she was considered as fat in her field. (Source:, 17/03/2014)

Her favorite throwback television show is Sister, Sister

If at a karaoke bash, Misty's reflex song would be Dreambook by Mariah Carey

The Warriors is her favorite basketball team. (Source:, 16/12/2016)  



  • Florette Kahn

    Misty Copeland is most likely the best ballerina in the world. She has accomplished so much in her life thus far. At present I am sculpting a figure of her in a dance pose of second position on point and hope to present her with it. Yes I am an admirer from afar. I admire her determination of the dance, of her body, and most of all of her mind and basic character. I first learned of Misty Copeland from my orthopedic surgeon, he showed me an image of her in the arabesque pose and I was so impressed with her body musculature that I felt moved to try and do a sculpture of her. I am a retired psychotherapist, and fully appreciate the talent she has developed through agonizing work and at the same time I was so moved by a TV interview whereby she shared so much of her thoughts and ideas of a personal nature. She I believe, is very close to, being one of the closest one can come to, at the highest level, of one's own goal toward perfection. If I might say to her, "you are one hell'ava girl!!! Keep it going - you are an inspiration for others.

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