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Morgan Freeman height
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Morgan Freeman

Body measurements


188.6 cm (6 ft 2.25 in)


97 kg (214 lb)

Shoe size

11 US


Date of birth

June 01, 1937



Zodiac sign






Sexual Orientation




Eyes color


Hair color


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Morgan Freeman is 188.6 cm (6 ft 2.25 in) tall
The difference in height is 188.6 cm or 6 ft 2.25 inches

Who is Morgan Freeman?

Morgan Freeman is not only a great American film actor, but he’s also a director and does lots of voice job. 

Early Accomplishments

Freeman’s acquaintance with theatrical art was quite accidental. Actually, playing in a school performance was his punishment for inappropriate behavior, but from the very beginning the future star proved his talent to the whole school.  

Best Known for

The role in a film Street Smart, released in 1987, turned to be Freeman’s real breakout and made him a superstar. The role brought Morgan his first Oscar nomination. 

We can’t but remember Morgan Freeman in a role of God in a great comedy Bruce Almighty. Together with Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aniston they made a great movie. 

His brilliant narration skills can be heard in the film War of the Worlds as well as in March of the Penguins.

Sexual Orientation

The legendary actor is straight. Unfortunately, his personal life is not as successful as his career. He was married twice and both times divorced. With his first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw, the actor has two kids. 

Religious Beliefs

Taking into account the information given by The Hollowverse, throughout his life, Morgan Freeman has followed am atheistic path doubting everything that doesn’t have reasonable explanation. Moreover, he is a convinced adherent of epistemology. The actor rejects any links with religion, but he is faithful to the truth. He was closer to scientific approach than to taking everything at face value, but with time, Morgan seems to turn into a believer and below you’ll find the reason.

The Bucket List star also shared some details about his family and religion. His father was an atheist while his mom was a true believer and regularly went to church. 

Worth to Know

Morgan starred in a TV show called The Story of God with Morgan Freeman. The initial idea of the project was to shot Morgan’s travels around the world, talking to different people of different cultures and confessions and in such a way discover the true meaning of life. However, in addition to this goal, Morgan reached his personal discovery and after the show he changed his views in favor of religion. (Source:, 05/05/2016)

After Morgan Freeman had donated his own Versace shoes to charity, it was said he wears shoe size 11 US. (Source: