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James Street height
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James Street

Body measurements


180 cm (5 ft 11 in)


79 kg (174 lb)


Date of birth

August 02, 1948

Date of death

September 30, 2013 (65 years)

Zodiac sign





Football, baseball player

Sexual Orientation


Eyes color


Hair color


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James Street is 180 cm (5 ft 11 in) tall
The difference in height is 180 cm or 5 ft 11 inches

Who is James Street?

James Street was a famous American athlete who succeeded in both football and baseball. He was also a businessman. 

Early Accomplishments

In 1966, when he entered the University of Texas, he signed his scholarship in football and it launched his future career in both sports. 

Best Known for

Though we can’t overestimate his success in baseball, but that was football where he made his name immortal as a Longhorn member. 

For some time in his life, James Street supported and helped those struggling with alcohol addiction. 

As a joy for his heart, Mr.Street used to coach kids in baseball. For his coaching and educational contribution, James Street was known as an influential philanthropist. 

Sexual Orientation

The sportsman was straight. He had son Ryan (an architect) from his first marriage and with his second wife Janie (married in 1981) they had four boys: Huston, Hanson, Juston and Jordon (twins). All of them survived him. 

Religious Beliefs

The great sport star had never revealed his religious views. 

Worth to Know

James Street made up his mind to change his qualification and in 1991 he established his own business company the James Street Group and became a financial adviser. The Huffingtonpost (10/13/2013) reports that nowadays, his firm is the largest structured one among the settlement firms. Such organizations help to provide tax-free income. 

He finished his college quarterback career with an impressive record 20-0. In addition to his football achievements, James Street was a bright baseball player who set up a record 29-8 playing for a Texas team. (Source:, 09/30/2013)

James’ achievements inspired many young boys to take up baseball, especially after the release of the film My All Americans in 2015. (Source:, 11/14/2015)



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