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In short: Redgrave family members. The dynasty of actors

The story of this famous dynasty initially started with a successful actor Michael Redgrave who married an actress Rachel Kempson in 1935. Their union lasted for 50 years, though Sir Michael had love affairs with both women and men. Rachel’s love to her husband seemed to have no limits, so the two stayed together till the end.

They gave birth to three children who later also chose an acting path: Vanessa (1937), Corin (1939 – 2010) and Lynn (1943 – 2010).

Vanessa Redgrave was one of the main acting forces of her dynasty. The actress gained wide popularity and recognition; she even became an Oscar-winning actress. She was married twice in her life. 

With her first husband, Tony Richardson, she had two daughters: Natasha (1963 – 2009) and Joely Richardson (1965). 

With her second husband, Franco Nero, Vanessa has a son Carlo Gabriel Redgrave Nero (1969). He is married to Jennifer Wiltsie and has children Raphael (1995) and Lilli (2004).

Natasha was a gorgeous and talented actress, but in 2009 she died after head injuries that she got in a result of ski accident. She was married to Liam Neeson and had two sons: Michael (1995) and Daniel (1996).  

The younger sister, Joely was married to the film director Tim Bevan, but the two divorced. Together they have a daughter Daisy Bevan (1992), who also started acting career. 

The second child of Michael and Rachel, Corin Redgrave, was popular in Britain far more than beyond its borders, unlike his sisters who built their careers in America as well as England. He was married to Deirdre Deline Hamilton-Hill and Kika Markham. 

With his first wife, a former model Deirdre, Corin had son Luke (1970) and daughter Jemma Redgrave (1965) who followed dad’s acting success – she’s an actress too.

In marriage with Kika Markham, the actor produced two sons: Harvey (1979) and Arden Redgrave (1983). 

Corin divorced Deirdre Hamilton-Hill after 19 years of marriage, but with Kika Markham he stayed till his dying days. Corin Redgrave joined the majority in 2010 after he had suffered from prostate cancer for 10 years. Besides, through several years Corin Redgrave experienced a few heart strokes. 

The youngest child of the founders of the great acting clan was Lynn Redgrave. Unfortunately, Lynn died in 2010 when she lost long-term battle with breast cancer after being diagnosed in 2003. She left this world just one month after the tragic loss of her brother Corin Redgrave. Her death became another tragedy in the sequence of losses in the Redgrave family.

Lynn was married once in her life. With her husband John Clark Lynn had three children: Benjamin Clark (1968), Kelly Clark (1970) and Annabel Clark (1981). Though the spouses were married for long 33 years, they finally divorced in 2000. 

Pem (Kelly) Clark is a singer-songwriter. Annabel Clark is a photographer and she’s married to art director Eduardo Garabal. Benjamin is a pilot.

The story of this family is complicated and somehow mysterious, but still they please us with their talent anytime.

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