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Michael Jackson height
Michael Jackson height
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Michael Jackson

Body measurements


175 cm (5 ft 9 in)


62 kg (136 lb)

Chest size

96 cm (38 in)

Waist size

71 cm (28 in)

Hips size

74 cm (29 in)

Shoe size

9.5 US


Date of birth

August 29, 1958

Date of death

June 25, 2009 (50 years)

Zodiac sign






Sexual Orientation

Not certain


Believed in God

Eyes color


Hair color


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Michael Jackson is 175 cm (5 ft 9 in) tall
The difference in height is 175 cm or 5 ft 9 inches

Who is Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson is known as the King of Pop, especially as a famous singer, songwriter, dancer, music producer, great performer and solo artist.

Best known for

He joined Jackson 5 as the lead singer when he was 5 years old. The band quickly rose to fame. His sixth solo album Thriller (1982) reached top charts and gained 9 Grammy Awards.

Michael Jackson released the following solo albums: Got to be there, Ben, Music and me, Forever, Michael, Off the wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, Invincible, Michael, Xscape and others. 

In 1985 Michael Jackson had participated in the charity project for Africa and had released the single We Are The World.

Religious beliefs

He was brought up by Jehovah's Witnesses. Besides the rumors were spread out that he had accepted Islam religion. In the Ebony Magazine Interview Michael Jackson confessed that he believed in God fully. (Source: Ebony Magazine, September, 1979)

Sexual orientation

Michael Jackson had been married twice. But indeed nobody knows the truth about his sexual orientation.

By the way, undoubtedly his 3 kids thought that his father wasn't guilty in the numerous child-harassment accusations against him. They knew who was that real Michael Jackson.

He had 9 siblings, with Janet Jackson being the famous one, and a half-sister Joh'Vonnie Jackson.
His kids are Paris, Prince I and Blanket Jackson.

Worth to know

His costume designer brought out that his waist size was 28-inch (71 cm). And due to the energetic dance routines it would drop to 27 and a quarter.  

Michael Jackson's stylist Mr. Bush revealed the fact that his shoe size was 9,5 US and his height was about 5 feet 10 inches. (Source: Q and A Sessions with Michael Bush, 10/09/2012).

The autopsy showed that Michael Jackson wore a wig because of his thin hair. Besides he had tattooed make up especially black eyeliner and pink tattoo near his lips. Moreover he weighed about 136 pounds (62 kg) at the moment of his death (Source:, 02/10/2010)



  • Siff

    he was straight you idiots. the got more p*ssy in a day than the average man would get in a year

  • Taien

    Shame on u people, stop spreading bullshit about him.

  • Ben

    He was married to woman twice and his sexual orientation is unknown? XD

  • Maria

    He was straight you dumdums. And the most beautiful human inside and out to ever exist. F u h8rs

  • Sam

    michael is straight ! get your facts right before posting infos about him ! shame on you media for spreading false accussations about him ! he was a good person inside and out and he was innocent all throughout his life !

  • Carol Patrick

    Michael Jackson is was and always will be the most gifted talented artist in the history of entertainment. The world is a much darker place without him in it now but we all should be grateful for the love light and happiness he gave all humanity in the much too short time he was with us here on Earth. We all should strive to be more like Michael Jackson and do things with love enthusiasm and make this world a better place for everyone. God bless Michael Jackson!

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