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Princess Diana height
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Princess Diana

Body measurements


178 cm (5 ft 10 in)


58 kg (128 lb)

Chest size

84 cm (33 in)

Waist size

67 cm (26 in)

Hips size

86 cm (34 in)

Shoe size

9 US

Dress size



Date of birth

July 01, 1961

Date of death

August 31, 1997 (36 years)

Zodiac sign



England, UK


Princess of Wales

Sexual Orientation




Eyes color


Hair color


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Princess Diana is 178 cm (5 ft 10 in) tall
The difference in height is 178 cm or 5 ft 10 inches

Who is Princess Diana?

Princess Diana (Princess of Wales) was one of the most loved royal family members, ex-wife of Prince Charles. 

Early Accomplishments

In 1975, Diana’s father inherited Earl Spencer title, so she became Lady Diana Spencer. 

She was a shy child, but was fond of dancing and music. 

Due to her love to children, Diana worked as an assistant in London kindergarten. 

Best Known For

Princess Diana was known for her involvement in charity. She helped homeless people, children in need, and those suffering from HID and AIDS. 

Religious Beliefs

Princess Diana was Anglican. After 2 months of her birth she was baptized at St Mary Magdalene Church.

This same church was chosen by Prince William and Kate Middleton for baptizing their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

According to the Hollowverse, the Princess believed in life after death. 

Sexual Orientation

Princess Diana was straight. She had being married to Prince Charles for 10 years before they filed for divorce in 1992. They marriage failed because the two distanced from each other with years. There were also some speculations about the infidelity of both.  

Worth to Know

Princess Diana was a gorgeous woman. She kept an eye on her body shape and tried to stay slim. At the time of her engagement, her waist was 29 inches. However, she wanted to shine at that big day, so when Diana was going down the aisle, her waist measured just 23.5 inches. The Princess used to wear dress size 42 (UK 14). (Source:, 08/21/2017)

She also had a tiny feet – she wore shoe size 7 UK (9 US).



  • Anna

    wrong again. your site claims that Princess Diana had to convert from Roman catholic to Anglican to marry Prince Charles.
    this is what your site claimed: "Princess Diana had to convert into Anglican Christianity because of her marriage to Prince Charles. "
    NOT true at all.
    Princess Diana was an Anglican Christian, having been baptized in the St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church in Sandringham as a baby and brought up as following the Anglican religion from birth.
    How did you manage to get so much wrong?.

  • CompareCeleb Team

    Hi Anna.
    Thanks for helping us.
    You are totally right. We changed it.

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