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Doris Day height
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Doris Day

Body measurements


169 cm (5 ft 6.5 in)


62 kg (137 lb)

Bra size


Chest size

97 cm (38 in)

Waist size

66 cm (26 in)

Hips size

94 cm (37 in)

Shoe size

10 US

Dress size



Date of birth

April 03, 1922

Date of death

May 13, 2019 (97 years)

Zodiac sign





Actress, singer

Sexual Orientation



Church of Christ Scientist

Eyes color


Hair color


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Doris Day is 169 cm (5 ft 6.5 in) tall
The difference in height is 169 cm or 5 ft 6.5 inches

Who is Doris Day?

Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff a.k.a Doris Day used to be a singer and actress until retirement.

Early accomplishments

She wanted to be a dancer growing up, but when she was 15, a car crash that severely injured her right leg, put an end to that dream for her.

While she was recuperating, Doris had her initial vocational stint singing in a local restaurant and on radio prior to being found by Rapp who made her drop her surname and adopt the alias "Day".

Best known for

Her first feature role was I'll See You in My Dreams in 1951 and it became the most profitable motion picture for Warner Bros. It was a box office best ever of 2 decades.

Day sang "Que Sera, Sera" in the film “The Man Who Knew Too Much” in 1956 and it won a Best Original Song Academy Award.

Although she was ranked as the No. 1 female vocalist 9 times between 1949 1958, her infamy and prominence as a songster was eclipsed by her box office charm.

She has 32 albums and over 650 recordings to her name. She has also featured and starred in 39 movies.

Religious beliefs

Doris Day is a Christian Scientist. Although born into a Catholic family, she never felt an association with religion until she was led to Christian Science by her 2nd husband. 

Because Christian Science shuns standard medical practices and supports spiritual healing, followers do not seek medical treatment usually due to a faith that ailments can be cured with prayer.

She moved away from these beliefs later in her life but she maintains her communion with God has always remained vital.

Sexual orientation

Doris is straight, even though she didn’t so much enjoy marital bliss. Already married 3 times by the age of 27 and after being single for 8 years, she married her fourth but like the others, it failed.

Worthy to know

The woman is a passionate campaigner for animal rights and even created the Doris Day Animal Foundation.

She has 22 awards plus 7 nominations, a testament to an illustrious career.
She died from pneumonia.