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Conor Maynard height
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Conor Maynard

Body measurements


173 cm (5 ft 8 in)


70 kg (154 lb)

Shoe size

10 US


Date of birth

November 21, 1992



Zodiac sign





Pop singer

Sexual Orientation



Not religious

Eyes color


Hair color


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Conor Maynard is 173 cm (5 ft 8 in) tall
The difference in height is 173 cm or 5 ft 8 inches

Who is Conor Maynard?

Conor Maynard is a promising British singer who blew up all the charts with his “Can’t Say No” in 2012.
Early Accomplishments
He started as a YouTuber in 2006 posting different cover versions of songs. His first song to appear on this channel was “Breathe”. Maynard was interested in singing since his childhood but did not take in serious until 15-16 years.
In the same year, he tried as an actor in the “Dream Team”.
Best Known For
His hit song is “Vegas Girl”. It appeared number 4 in British charts and became MTV’s Brand New for 2012 Award. Another well-known song is “Can’t Say No” that reached number 2.
Religion Beliefs
He is not a religious person. He did not talk about spirituals, only mentioned his attitude to religion on Twitter: “In my opinion.. any God would prefer a kind, loving atheist over a hate-filled religious person”.
The fact that the man celebrates Christmas does not guarantee his devotion to Christianity.
Sexual Orientation
The singer is straight. Unfortunately, there is no verified information as to his relationships.
“My first kiss was when I was 13. I was so nervous that I was shaking. Unfortunately, the girl I kissed never spoke to me again.” – He shared.
Worth To Known
He has two siblings – Jack and Anna. Jack Maynard became a YouTube star.
Talking about his height the star admitted that he “wouldn’t mind being a bit taller”.
In the interview to Daily Mail (29.07.2012) the singer said that his guilty pleasure is Chick flicks.
He adores Beverly Hills 90210. “My ex-girlfriend got me into it and now I’m addicted.” – Explained Conor.



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