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Jerry Hall height
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Jerry Hall

Body measurements


178 cm (5 ft 10.1 in)


55 kg (121 lb)

Chest size

86 cm (34 in)

Waist size

61 cm (24 in)

Hips size

89 cm (35 in)

Shoe size

11.5 US


Date of birth

July 02, 1956



Zodiac sign





Model. actress

Sexual Orientation


Eyes color


Hair color


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Jerry Hall is 178 cm (5 ft 10.1 in) tall
The difference in height is 178 cm or 5 ft 10.1 inches

Who is Jerry Hall?

Jerry Hall broke into the entertainment industry as a highly-sought after model in the 70s. She is also an actress who made another landmark move with her skills.

Early Accomplishments

Graduating early from high school at 16, Jerry developed her body by being a great athlete, doing gymnastics, archery and tennis.

After getting discovered by an agent while sunbathing on a beach, she relocated to Paris and began to model, making a first appearance as an album art on Siren by Roxy Music in 1975.

Best Known For

In just 2 years of modeling, she had graced the covers of 40 different magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Vogue Italia and was earning a daily fee of $1,000.

In 2004, she made the record of performing at 5 big plays in one night in London with an audience of 9,124. Asides her fame on stage, she has also appeared in Batman (1986) and as herself in Absolutely Fabulous (2016).

Sexual Orientation

Jerry is straight. After 2 years of dating and 3 months of engagement, she is married to Rupert Murdoch since March, 2016. Before then, she is famed for her relationship with Mick Jagger whom she had been dating since 1976 while she was engaged to Bryan Ferry. Their supposed 1990 wedding was annulled in 1999. Other men she has dated include Phil Bronstein, Armand Leroi and George Waud.


She and her twin sister, Terry are the youngest of the 5 daughter of John and Marjorie Hall. Her other siblings include Rosy Hall and Cyndy Hall.

She and Jagger have 4 kids together; daughters Elizabeth (born 1984) and Georgia (born 1992) and sons James (born 1985) and Gabriel (born 1997). Both daughters are also models.


Jerry has not specified any religion but once tweeted that she has dabbled into many religions. She is probably no longer religious.

Worth To Know

Since she was 16 years old, she had known how to speak French.

Although dyslexic, she is reported to have an IQ of 146.

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