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Jason Momoa height
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Jason Momoa

Body measurements


193 cm (6 ft 4 in)


100 kg (220 lb)

Chest size

126 cm (49 in)

Waist size

92 cm (36 in)

Biceps size

46 cm (18 in)

Shoe size

14 US


Date of birth

August 01, 1979



Zodiac sign



Hawaii (USA)



Sexual Orientation




Eyes color


Hair color


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Jason Momoa is 193 cm (6 ft 4 in) tall
The difference in height is 193 cm or 6 ft 4 inches

Who is Jason Momoa?

Usually cast as a warrior, Jason Momoa is a terrific actor and brilliant filmmaker whose physique has been a topic of attraction for women over the years. 

Early Accomplishments

He studied marine biology (later switched to wildlife biology) in college when he was discovered by a designer. 

His modelling career began in 1998 winning Hawaiian model of that year. 

In 1999, he was cast for Baywatch: Hawaii, starring in 38 episodes until 2001. 

Best Known For

He starred as Ronan in Stargate Atlantis from 2005 to 2009, as Khal Drogo in the 1st season of Game of Thrones and in Frontier since 2016 but his fame was amplified by playing Arthur Curry/Aquaman in the DCEU films, Justice League in 2017 and Aquaman in 2018. He also played the lead in 2011’s Conan the Barbarian.

Sexual Orientation

Jason is straight and contrary to expectation is not a promiscuous fellow. He was engaged to Simmone Mackinnon in 2004 after dating for 6 years but split in 2006. He has been living with his long-time partner Lisa Bonet since 2007 but they got married in 2017.


Named Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa, he is born to Joseph and Coni (nee Lemke) Momoa and has Brian Keaulana as his uncle. 

His children are Lola, daughter born in 2007 and Nakoa-Wolf, son born in 2008, with Zoë Kravitz as a stepchild.


Jason is a Buddhist whose devotion sees him meditate every day. 

Worth To Know

In his youth, he wore thick heavy dreads for 6 years until his head and neck began to hurt.

During a bar fight in 2008, his face was slashed with a broken beer bottle. 140 stitches later, he gained a scar above his left eye which adds to warrior demeanour.



  • Barb Buerskin

    I just recently watched Aquaman in December 2019. I had never watched anything prior with Jason acting. The movie was amazing. Jason is a great actor. James Wan really knew how to make a film that makes his stars shine. Watching the special features was so informative and blew me away with all the creative minds in making that film so realistic. I especially liked learning about Jason’s commitment to his wife and children and his mom and extended family. I was a single mom and I have a son two years older than Jason and one 14 years younger. My sons’ energy, humor and taking on everything in life and love of family resonated with me in learning about Jason, his mom and the love he has for his wife, children and family. Our family is extended out four generations. We all spend time together whether first cousin or third cousin! It was great to see someone in show business be so family-oriented. His love for his children is how I feel about my children and grandchildren. How friends become family! I would so love for our families to meet. What fun and laughter there would be!! There is no greater gift than our children and grandchildren; especially with extended family all growing, supporting and loving each other through life!! I pray the best for Jason and his family!!

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