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Sir Isaac Newton height
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Sir Isaac Newton

Body measurements


168 cm (5 ft 6 in)


Date of birth

January 04, 1643

Date of death

March 31, 1727 (84 years)

Zodiac sign





Physicist, mathematician



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Sir Isaac Newton is 168 cm (5 ft 6 in) tall
The difference in height is 168 cm or 5 ft 6 inches

Who is Sir Isaac Newton?

A super genius of science Sir Isaac Newton was a culminating figure in the development of physics, mathematics and mechanics.

Early Accomplishments

He became interested in chemistry at school. At the period of great changes in science (Scientific Revolution), he attended Cambridge University and read about new philosophers. His thoughts Isaac wrote down and formed “Certain Philosophical Questions”.

Best Known For

He called himself “natural scientist”. His importance in the scientific world cannot be overemphasized. It’s he who developed laws of mechanics and gravity.
His “Principia Mathematica” played an important role in further development of science.
Newton worked as a professor of mathematics in Cambridge, but he was not interested in his students’ work or lecturing, thinking only about his own researches.
The scientist discovered composition of white light and laws of motion.

Religion Beliefs

He was a devoted Christian. He was a member of the Anglican Church and attended services. Sir Newton spent more time working on theology than on science and study Bible analyzing the text.
The man participated in special projects, such as building new churches or distribution of Bibles among the poor.
“...God is... living, intelligent and powerful...He governs all things, and knows all things...” – the man wrote under the impression of Bible.
The man participated in special projects, such as building new churches or distribution of Bibles among the poor.

Sexual Orientation

There is no information about his love affairs. The man was never married and did not have children.

Worth To Known

His mother wanted a boy to leave school and become a farmer but thankfully, he was not interested in the physical work.
Dr. Keynes from Cambridge University believes that Newton was 5'6'' tall.
John Conduitt, who was married to Newton’s half-niece, saw the scientist regularly and wrote that Newton was of “middle” stature (for that time) and “plump”.