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John Carradine height
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John Carradine

Body measurements


182.9 cm (6 ft 0 in)


78 kg (172 lb)


Date of birth

February 05, 1906

Date of death

November 27, 1988 (82 years)

Zodiac sign






Sexual Orientation


Eyes color


Hair color


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John Carradine is 182.9 cm (6 ft 0 in) tall
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Who is John Carradine?

One of the most famous figures of the 20th century, John Carradine was a movie and Broadway actor. 

Early Accomplishments

John decided he wanted to be an actor after seeing The Merchant when he was a child. 

He attended Philadelphia's Graphic Arts Institute and studied sculpture.   

He first appearance in a film was in Tol'able David, when he was twenty-four. 

Best Known For

John is known for appearing in a lot of movies and playing villain characters. 

He has been in over two hundred productions.  

John has done a lot of theatre work and screen work as well. He had roles in movies like The White Buffalo, The Shootist, House of the Black Death, The Proud Rebel, Man Hunt, and many, many more. 

His TV roles include projects like The Night Stranger, The Twilight Zone, and others. 

Sexual Orientation

John was straight. 


John’s parents were William and Genevieve Carradine. His father passed away from tuberculosis when John was only two. His mother later married another man, who John recalled to be very strict. 

John was married four times. 

First, he was married Ardanelle McCool, with whom they had a child, David Carradine, and raised together Ardanelle’s son Bruce. 

Later John married Sonia Sorel, they had three children, Robert, Keith, Christopher, as well as Sonia’s son Michael. 

John married Doris Grimshaw, with whom he was raising her sons, Michael and Dale. 

He has a total of eight sons, four of which continued in their father’s footsteps. 


Unknown since John has never talked about it publicly. 

Worth To Know 

John developed his skills like memorizing and recital from having to learn texts from a prayer book as a child.

In his teenage years, John traveled across the country with very little money and was sent to jail for vagrancy, where he got into a conflict and broke his nose. It didn’t heal properly but gave him the iconic profile he is known for.  

While he was a university student, John had a part-time job in a public library, not surprisingly, in the movie archives section. 

He passed away due to kidney and heart failure.