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George Michael height
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George Michael

Body measurements


180.3 cm (5 ft 11 in)


86 kg (190 lb)

Shoe size

11 US


Date of birth

June 25, 1963

Date of death

December 25, 2016 (53 years)

Zodiac sign



England (UK)



Sexual Orientation



Non religious

Eyes color


Hair color


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George Michael is 180.3 cm (5 ft 11 in) tall
The difference in height is 180.3 cm or 5 ft 11 inches

Who is George Michael?

George Michael was a Grammy award singer, songwriter and music producer who made it big in the 80s and 90s as half of a hits factory duo and as a solo sensation.

Early Accomplishments

During his teenage years, he did some busking and worked as a DJ for schools and clubs in his locale. 

Later on, he and a couple of friends formed The Executive, a ska group (a genre of music similar to reggae and rocksteady) but it did not last long. 

Best Known For

As a member of Wham!, George was really successful with albums Fantastic in 1983 and Make It Big in 1984, but he had much greater success going solo. 

His successes with albums Faith in 1987 and Listen Without Prejudice in 1990 are unmatched. 

Hits like Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, Last Christmas and Praying for Time are credited to him. 

Sexual Orientation

Up until adulthood, George believed he was bisexual but became convinced he was gay. 

He spent 4 years with Kathy Jeung from 1985 but was with Brooke Shields for a few months before then. 

Afterwards, he dated Anselmo Feleppa for 2 years in 1991 and was with Kenneth Goss from 1996 to 2009. 

His partner until his demise was Fadi Fawaz who he had been with since 2012.


He is the youngest of the 3 children born to Kyriacos “Jack” and Lesley Panayiotou with his elder ones being sisters Yioda and Melanie.

He didn't have kids.


George grew up in a Protestant Christian environment which he admitted did not impact on him so much. He is not religious and dislikes fundamentalist Christians especially.

Worth To Know

George was also a philanthropist and he is remembered for his numerous charitable deeds. 

At 17, he wrote Careless Whisper in a bus on his way to work at a filmhouse.

He died of natural causes on 2016 Christmas day.

He had a drug addiction.